Mobile Application Security

With the wave of IT consumerizations being faced by most enterprises today, CISOs no longer have the option of not allowing Smartphone’s, tablets and other mobile devices from connecting to the corporate network and accessing corporate data. Based on the risk profile of the application, you may choose either one of the following two services or both –

• Mobile Application Penetration Test: This test aims at identifying the application vulnerabilities that can be exploited using installed applications on mobile phones. The assessments attempt to detect vulnerabilities and are performed by posing as a registered user as well as an anonymous user. This type of test involves building custom threat profiles in order to discover contextual security vulnerabilities that are specific to the application. The tests are conducted for the realization of the identified threats.
• Mobile Application Source Code Review: This test aims at identifying vulnerabilities at the source-code level. The assessments attempt to detect vulnerabilities that are present due to coding or design flaws and other exploitable vulnerabilities posing as a registered user. This type of test also involves building custom threat profiles. It includes the services offered in the above service category.

We have been performing Mobile Application Security Testing Assessments (for applications such as Mobile Banking applications, M-Commerce applications, Mobile Payment systems, etc.) across various platforms –

• iPad Application Security Testing
• iPhone Application Security Testing
• Blackberry Application Security Testing
• Android Application Security Testing
• Nokia Application Security Testing
• Windows Mobile Application Security Testing

What do we promise?

• Your application is tested against the best of the security standards by skilled testers.
• Accurate results are provided in less time by our automated-cum-manual approach.
• On-demand service is ensured with the flexibility to schedule your tests.
• Support is guaranteed throughout your mitigation life cycle.

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